Grow Together Tuesday

This post is part of a seasonal community sharing series, Grow Together Tuesday. You’ll find posts from myself, and award winning gardener Monika Thiessen, of Prairie Girl Pottery.  I love seeing what others are doing in their gardens, and since most of us aren’t neighbors, let’s peek over each other’s virtual fences, be inspired, and learn from one another!  Post a link to your weekly garden notes, updates, photos, and more in the comments – any time this week!

Sit Back and Enjoy!
Monika Thiessen

It’s that time of summer when the planting is pretty much done (though we’re still seeding a few greens now and then) and the blooms and food production starts ramping up. If you’re like me, you ignore the fact that weeds are also still growing (they’ll get shaded out by everything else anyway, right?) and just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

So, this week I’ve just decided to post some pics of our yarden. We’ve been making notes of when certain things ripen, what’s doing well or not so well and keeping track of what we’d like to change for next year. Oh and we spend a lot of time slowly meandering through the yarden, smelling the blooms, taste-testing the greens and berries and eagerly anticipating a massive harvest of tomatoes and peppers.


To save our cherries we put up some holographic scare tape. Seems to be working so far.


indigo rose

Indigo rose tomatoes. These little beauties are absolutely delicious!


Black raspberries. Well, the ripe black ones were already eaten. Overheated, droopy lettuce (below).

droopy greens


Tiny little cuc.

carrot seed

Last years carrot going to seed.


Although I got the seeds in really late, the beans are coming along.


Highbush cranberry starting to turn red.

potted peppers prairie magic apple


Saskatoons (above).  Spinach bolting in the heat of summer (below).spinach to seed



squash trellis

Squash trellis (made with last years tall sunflower stalks) and baby squash (below)



webbed sunflower

wild bergamot



Liatris just about ready to open

giant hyssop

Giant hyssop (above) Leadplant (below)

garden friends

shade bed

Shade bed (above) and Sea holly peeking through a mass of raspberries (below)

sea holly

garden blooms

cuc trellis1

Cucumber trellis

chopped comfrey

Freshly chopped (and dropped elsewhere) comfrey.


Chamomile (above). Calendula (below)


bees 'n' borage

Bees absolutely LOVE borage!

backyard blooms

Mass of backyard blooms.


I hope you all have a lovely week and are able to get out into that warm sunshine and enjoy your gardens.


Monika Head Shot
Monika Thiessen is a potter, permaculture designer, urban homesteader and all around prairie plant girl. She’s happiest with the sun on her back and her hands in the soil.  To check out Monika’s pottery, visit Prairie Girl Pottery

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