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This post is part of a seasonal community sharing series, Grow Together Tuesday. You’ll find posts from myself, and award winning gardener Monika Thiessen, of Prairie Girl Pottery.  I love seeing what others are doing in their gardens, and since most of us aren’t neighbors, let’s peek over each other’s virtual fences, be inspired, and learn from one another!  Post a link to your weekly garden notes, updates, photos, and more in the comments – any time this week!


This Week in the Garden…
Kris Antonius

We’ve been away from our garden for weeks at a time, and it’s always a joy to come home to see how it’s grown and changed, and what new treasure it has produced for us, for the bees, and for the critters who share our community. Photos taken with the iPhone, excuse the poor quality!

The borage has grown crazy huge with dozen of blooms. We used some to make borage lemonade the other day and it was delicious (post to come). The bees can’t get enough of the borage blossoms -there are a half dozen bees on each plant almost all the time!

We’ve harvested borage leaves, nettle leaves, and chickweed, and dehydrated them. These days each work period in the garden will end in something being dried or fermented!


tp gtt seeding tp gtt borage beestp gtt borage blossom


The borage is planted in a  sort of companion group or guild, with tomatoes, basil, and chard, with cucumbers growing up some trellis here and there.

tp gtt guildtp gtt cuke blossom

As the season progresses, I’ve been looking for blank palettes to sow more seeds into – I find little spaces here and there, and add some beets or fast growing greens like tat soi or lettuce.

tp gtt seeding

Two planters on either side of our front door hold some lovely herbs – here are Asian Cilantro (i think that’s what it was called), and Basil.

tp gtt doorstep herbs


The raspberries are still going strong, and the strawberries are prepping for round two of fruiting.

tp gtt rasp tp gtt strawberries round 2

A lovely xeriscape plant gifted by a friend. Does anyone know what it is? Is it a type of straw flower?

tp gtt native flower

The purple striations in Dragon Tongue pole beans are really beautiful. These beans are best eaten while small, as they do get stringy and tough as they get larger.

tp gtt pole beans


Some kale and golden beets keeping each other company.

tp gtt kale beets

The potatoes and peas are getting along nicely.

tp gtt peas +potatoes

A three sisters garden with corn supporting the beans, and some squash growing below. The squash might not make it, as they weren’t quite growing enough by the time the other plants shaded them out. There are also beets planted around the border of this grouping. You can see the bean tipi in the background – a late addition, but the kids are still loving it even as they watch just the beginnings of the beans curling their way up the poles and twine.

tp gtt 3 sisters + tipi 2 tp gtt 3 sisters + tipi

As we’re gone for stretches here and there, a lot of what we do when we are there is weeding! We have a couple huge weed piles around the yard…

tp gtt weed pile

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