herbal lemonade

The beauty that is found in the garden is so abundant and brings us so much joy. The fact that the blooms and leaves of these amazing plants not only please the eye, but also provide nourishment and healing for our bodies and minds is awe-inspiring!

We had a blast hemming and hawing over which herbs and flowers to add to our freshly made lemonade. Borage, Lemon Balm + Mint, and Raspberries graced our juice and added beauty and a new depth of flavour to each jar.

An unexpected joy was watching the borage flowers turn from deep bluish purple to a vibrant fuscia. There must be some sort of chemical reaction with the lemon going on there…

We’ll definitely be offering up some of these flavors at our next lemonade stand! What are your favourites?


Lemon balm causes the heart and mind to become merry. – Serapio Tweet This

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