Lately, I haven’t been able to keep up with transferring, editing, and uploading photos. With creating new materials for the shop, and with a lot of other things. I’ve been experiencing some aches and pains and have been trying to turn in earlier, and get a better groove with our rhythms as we turn inward and enter a new season.

Lately, we’ve been up to a lot of things – the past few weeks have been busy and packed full of goodness. So, I’m packing moments from the last two weeks or so into one post!


Our neighbour of many years moved last week, and while the kids didn’t lose a friend their age, she was certainly considered a friend in their books, and cards were in order. Flowers were beloved by our neighbour and so the kids each created a beautiful flower-themed card for her. I left them some tissue paper and came back to find these sitting out…

Mi Card ShirleyCo Card for Shirley

I walked into the living room one day to find these two brothers cuddled together with blankets, reading and looking through photos.

chillin bros

Milo called me over to let me know he was a tree with moss growing on it. I said I was a tree hugger and went to hug him, but he promptly reminded me that you have to be gentle with moss, just like Martin & Sylvia from Sparkle Stories, because it is a living thing.  I was also informed that he had been cut down in order to stop the impending flood to his side.

Mossy Tree Dam

The kids are deeply into animals – wolves, birds, frogs, snakes, wild cats… which has led to some learning on animal classification (I won’t tell them this was on my secret list of topics for the year). They’ve been borrowing animal books from the library and making various animal themed card games, and a classified zoo type joint in the backyard…

Library SnakesLibrary Itscos animal card game   outdoor animal play 3

A couple weeks old already, but how can one not include photos of this character? We had a great time digging up the treasures that were the last of the carrots before snowfall. This kids has the best faces ever.

fall carrotsfall carrots2


    1. Thanks, Nancy! That’s super sweet. I love following your posts, too – all your CSA adventures, pottery-making and travel!

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