spinning a yarn


As I looked at these photos of our time in the woods with friends, weaving yarn among the trees, I couldn’t help but think of how it tells a story of our learning journey. Of all the facets of learning – the people we connect with and learn from – friends, grandparents, neighbors, shop owners, guides. Books, time in nature, hands-on projects. Such a beautiful, diverse – and often messy – experience. Connected.


Into the forest…

Forest Yarn Blast 1

Tiny weavers…

Forest Yarn Blast 3 Forest Yarn Blast 4 Forest Yarn Blast 5 Forest Yarn Blast 6 Forest Yarn Blast 7 Forest Yarn Blast 8

A second trip about a week later, to remove all the yarn. This trip was just as long, and quite tedious. This little guy said that it was super fun to trace back the patterns that had been made as he wound up the yarn. We wound as much as we could, and cut some of the rest. With nail clippers. Yep. Just another thing to add to our unique story. A mom who forgot the scissors.

Forest Yarn Blast Clean Up

A much needed nature adventure after deconstructing our fibre art installation.

Forest Yarn Blast Clean Up 2 Forest Yarn Blast Clean Up 3 Forest Yarn Blast Clean Up 4 Forest Yarn Blast Clean Up 5


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