cooperative game making

It is truly amazing what a group of kids aged 3-11 can dream up and create in a few weeks. Watching them come together, collaborate, and craft this wonderful board game has been a great experience. It is the most unique game I’ve seen, with painted rock game pieces, a game board that almost everyone drew on, a jail, a castle (the goal is to reach the castle), animal cards (you pick up the cards and they give you the power of the animal – elephants, for example, can break you out of jail or break you out of a trap, while a dolphin can get you across water). It’s a cooperative game, so if someone else has an animal card that can help a buddy out, they will play it for them.

It was so great to see them enjoying their creation together! Now we are passing the game around from family to family so we can enjoy it in our homes. Our kiddos are so excited to play the game with their grandparents and cousins over the holidays.

Being in the same room with people and creating something together is a good thing. Robin Williams Tweet This

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