Un-Excellent Used Condition

Last week included…

// Mugs of healing teas for a cold in the home

// Kids devouring homemade sun-dried tomato hummus

// Word-family related crafting

// Playing in the snow

And… a boy who found an umbrella and was so adorable sitting on his own, making up stories, I couldn’t say “no open umbrellas in the house.” No regrets, even though said umbrella is now in Un-Excellent Used Condition (a condition which has a certain excellence of its own). Really, having a beautiful, bright yellow umbrella and keeping it tucked away and closed up is sort of akin to a keep off the grass sign, right?

Having a house full of perfect, un-touched items doesn’t make it onto my bucket list. In fact, I want those sweet hands to touch and explore – to learn, to play, to experience. Experience the wool fibres of the area rug, the texture of various fabrics on the cushions, the cold of the icy window, the soft yet prickly grass underfoot, and the feel of a bright yellow umbrella spinning in his hands.

Oh, and yes. Following along on this thread of actually using and enjoying the things in our life – we still have our Christmas tree up! We got it late, just a few days before Christmas and we want to enjoy it as long as possible, seeing as it is a real tree, grown and cared for by a lovely couple here in Manitoba. We have plans to use it for some DIY projects once we take down the decorations.

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