Simple Summer // Bottle Cap Bakery

The other day the kiddos were out in the yard playing while I picked raspberries. Between snacking on the berries and helping with the harvest, they busily created a little bakery of cakes and jello using bottle caps, fallen berries, and various flowers and plants from the yard. The creations were so fun and adorable that I had to snap some photos to capture their sweetness. I love this idea and can imagine it developing in many directions!

The kids have now given their operation the name Bottle Cap Cakery. They say:

It was fun finding out that our mom made a picture out of all of our bottle cap food. We made cakes and jello, and you can make anything, really. You can really use anything that’s small and will fit in a bottle cap to make them.

Looking forward to what else they dream up in miniature this summer!

Some bakery supply ideas:

// bottle caps

// fallen berries

// fallen flower petals or seeds

// plant material – chickweed is particularly lovely

// stones

// soil or sand

TP Cap Cakery 2TP Cap Cakery 1July Berries 2015



For another fun Simple Summer idea, check out our free downloadable Mini Farmers’ Market activity.



  1. Awe! I love this! I’m sharing on
    I love when children play with REAL “natural toys”♥
    Love the mini-farmer’s market – I’m sure that is much more exciting than a lemonade stand!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Patty-Jean! I can’t take any credit (other than for enjoying some of the drinks that allowed for the bottle caps to be collected ; )

      We’ll definitely be doing both a lemonade stand and farmers’ market this year! The kids like to make herbal lemonade : )

      *loved your video today!

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