mini snow people

If you’ve read any of my other articles over at EcoParent you’ll know that I am a huge proponent of kids spending time outdoors. Whether that means time in the backyard, the park down the street, a farm, or wildnerness area, I’m a true believer in the benefits – to kids and to our planet – of connecting with nature. That said, there are days here in frosty Winnipeg, Manitoba where the gauge dips down below -30 C (which can mean -40 C with the windchill!). There are very few days when we don’t send our littles outside – even if for only 15 minutes at a time – yet on those -40 days it is always nice to have some ideas in mind for how to bring the outdoors in. A mini snow person station is one of those ideas!

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TP snow people measuring cup  TP indoor snow person punk

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