six times around the sun

With this little guy being our baby, we’re feeling those sentiments of childhood going just too fast… we’ll miss those cute chubby cheeks and that sweet sanguine nature. He is our dreamer, climber, imagination rich, generous and sweet soul. For this birthday the thing he wanted most was a nurse outfit with a babe to care for. He is a healer and caregiver at heart. He lives for play and and isn’t bound one bit by our silly adult boxes and logic.

The other day he very earnestly asked me:

Mommy, can you take me to the universe tomorrow? Like, to where nobody has discovered yet? I want to build a playground there, cause there would be lots of space. And maybe a little house.

We’ll need a boat that carries humans and cars. We’ll go there and wait for it. And when we see it approaching – and when it’s officially there, we’ll get onto it. Then we’ll go across straight for the whole time, and then drive our van straight for a loooooong time. And we would have to stop at gas stations. Then we’ll be at the universe! Then, we’ll build a playground.


This was not Milo telling me a story. He meant it and believed whole-heartedly that is was possible. Hopefully he has a bit longer before the veil is lifted from his dreamy, anything-is-possible approach to life that inspires us every day!


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