A Garden of Learning: Planning the Garden with Kids

If you’ve ever thought farming is a summer-only job, think again – our farmer friends are cozied up indoors during these months carrying out the important task of planning for the season ahead. You don’t have to let them have all of the fun; next time there’s a cold day keeping you indoors, gather your gaggle of kiddos and get started on your own garden plan! Gardening offers myriad learning opportunities in the areas of science, social studies, math, and art. If you’re homeschooling, you may like to connect this activity to your provincial curriculum.

Head over to EcoParent Magazine online to get the full article with tips on how to plan your garden with kids, including how to plot your space, choose your plants, make your plan, and print out a fun square-foot gardening activity.


tp gardening book j10 tiny peasant mapping the garden book tiny peasant seed basket

TP square foot handout

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