tea, pie, teeth & spring!

Is it obvious I’m not in the mood for writing great titles today?

A quick photo post…

// healing tea for nausea – lavender, elderflower, passionflower blend

// sparkle stories inspired apple turnovers, pie, and an attempt at a rustic sort of pie with the leftover dough

// a little guy with two missing font teeth – the first to arrive and the first to go (bite photv from about 5 years ago!)

// big bro solitaire lesson

// hooray for spring – loads of time in our backyard nature school – and muddy fingernails all around!


TP nausea tea TP apple fritters 2 TP apple turnovers TP spelt apple pieTP rustic apple pie TP two front teeth 2 TP two front teeth TP two front teeth babeTP solitaire lesson TP spring play kitchen

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