Learning Notes Printable


A simple way to record learning notes for home learners.

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Product Description

Inspired by Self Design’s method of recording learning – Observing for Learning – this template can be printed out as needed. We use them in our home to record meaningful educational moments – aha moments, adventures, questions the kids ask, things they read, and more… It is meant to go a bit deeper, or record learning from a different perspective than simply which pages were read, which worksheets were completed, etc.

Categories included:

  • observations
  • questions
  • interests
  • books
  • hands-on
  • conversations
  • adventures

We print out a bunch and use one per day or one per week, depending on the age of the learner. Some days we fill out more than one sheet, while other times we fill use the same sheet for a two or three days. Not every box has to be filled in for every day – just whatever is applicable for that given day.

You can also use the PDF digitally, saving paper, if you have what you need on your computer to edit the file.




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