Tiny Writer


Does it feel like pulling teeth to get your kids to write? Or, perhaps you have a budding author in your home? To help guide the writing process for little ones, we have created a set of fun printables with options for a variety of learning levels in mind.

Product Description


Included are sheets for a variety of levels, from a full letter with address up top, salutation, body, and closing – right down to a sheet with a space for the author’s name, a drawing, and their special finger-print signature.

Included is a handout with one page of writing prompts with ideas for what to explore in your letter, and one page with questions to ask your recipient. These can be kept handy in a binder or on a clipboard, or can be cut out and placed in a jar. We cut ours out and to tell the difference between topics and questions, we coloured our question slips yellow. Please feel welcome to download the handouts for your own use.


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