Meeting Calendula

Herb Fairies Friday is our little term of endearment for this special day in our homeschooling rhythm.  Herb Fairies is a wonderful herbal learning program. The program focuses on twelve herbs, each with its own fairy – and illustrated story, recipes, learning handouts – based on the characteristics of the herb.

Today was our first day learning about a new healing plant – Calendula. We cuddled on the couch to read a chapter or two of the story. The kids coloured the printable poster with the Calendula fairy, Cally.

Since the last herb we learned about was Chamomile, the kids suggested a chamomile and calendula combination for tea today, using the calendula flowers we picked up at Hollow Reed Holistic and chamomile from a friend. Yum. I love their ideas.

Between all the herbal goodness, there was a wooden cane attached to an elastic waistband for some kind of experiment, an avocado pit washed and polished to make a character with, project time, many puzzles, many messes…

We’re all looking forward to making calendula muffins, crafting some calendula flowers, planting some seeds in pots, and more. It’s always nice settling in to a few weeks of getting to know a new plant.

If you’re interested in making calendula salve, check out this post with a recipe and beautiful photos by contributor Maria Epp.

We are just thrilled to have the folks from Herb Fairies as recipe contributors to the Tiny Peasant Pantry package – an baking, cooking and herbal resource for kids. In this fun and practical package, you’ll find two of their healing tea recipes!

What are your favourite ways to learn about healing plants? Share them in the comments!

calendula fairy chamomile-calendula-tea-recipe


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  1. What a fabulous herbal learning tool for children! I just went to their website and was so bummed I missed out on the recent installment. I hope these resources are still around when I have children, as a naturopath I will want them mentor them in herbal healing from an early age 🙂
    My favourite to learn about plants has been through my naturopathy studies which has covered traditional as well as current scientific knowledge of herbs. On top of that I do a lot of self-study about organic gardening and love my medicinal herb garden 🙂

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