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snowshoe bros    on a puzzle kickzebra puzzlebre castle logixpirate cove logic gamereading about robotswrapping some drawings for daddyposter for dad

Another week of our living and learning journey. I often hear that this time of year can be the worst for wanting to quit. I’m thankful that we are all still firmly IN this journey, and though there are daily hiccups, we are happy with and thankful for our chosen path.

A few things we were up to this week:

:: A short snowshoe trip through the little forest in a nearby park, followed by an adventure on the snow-covered play structure and some hot cocoa.

:: Spotting beautiful blue winter berries on our forest trail.

:: The start of a new project for a six year old who is ready to answer his curiosity about electricity – and, ahem, also monopolizing my phone as he takes photo after photo of objects in our home that run on electricity and battery.

:: Lots of puzzle making, in particular by our three and ten year olds.

:: A couple of the kids got out the logic puzzles – Pirate’s Hide and Seek and Camelot Junior – that are so loved around here. Such a fun, sometimes frustrating, and always rewarding challenge.

:: Cuddled brothers reading about robots.

:: Wrapping litte drawings to gift to daddy just for fun.

:: Making a big table-top poster of drawings for daddy. Because he is “the best daddy”.

:: Creating new friendships and celebrating old ones at our homeschool co-op.

:: Learning about the healing properties of calendula through a magical tale of friends and fairies – and making delicious banana + calendula muffins.

:: A new session of daytime swimming lessons, with friends in each child’s class.

:: Lots of messes, some cleaning. Lots and lots of conflicts, resolutions, laughter, learning, and love.


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