Coconut Oil Bird Feeders

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We’re crafting some bird-watching goodness over here, in preparation for The Great Backyard Bird Count, starting on February 14th.

The kids have been working hard on Woodworking Wednesdays with their dad to design and make some wooden bird feeders for our yard. Plans to come. Sign up for our newsletter (top of this page) to be sure you don’t miss out on the bird feeder plans and other bird love.

With Valentine’s Day also creeping up on us, we thought we’d make something sweet for our feathery friends.

Suet bird feeders have been on our to-do list for a while. Since we generally don’t have suet lying around, I decided to use coconut oil (not our really pure one, but a slightly refined version). A lot of the recipes that we found included things like corn syrup and we really just wanted to keep it simple for our feathery friends.

 ** Parents of little ones with a peanut allergies (or those crafting with children who aren’t your own and might have an allergy) please note that almost all the birdseed I looked at had peanuts or ‘may contain nuts or peanuts’ warnings. 

Coconut Oil Birdseed Feeders

Ingredients + Materials

:: 2 cups coconut oil

:: 1. 5 cups black oil sunflower seed

:: 1/2 cup organic cracked corn

:: cookie cutters

:: spoon

:: tray

:: string



1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.

2. Refrigerate mixture for 30-60 minutes to partially solidify the oil.

3. Stir the mixture and scoop into cookie cutters, smoothing out on top.

4. Place a pencil crayon, pencil, or stick in the feeder to create a hole that will be used to hang the feeder.

5. Set in the fridge for another hour before add the string and hanging outside.


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