Celebrating New Year’s with Kids

Have a fantastic New Year’s celebration! I hope one of these ideas suits your crew and enriches your festivities. Please leave a comment with your favourite idea, or an idea of your own!

New Year's With Kids 2015

1. Light one candle each hour, for each month of the year, and share a memory from that month.  Tweet This

mason jar candle lit

2. Look through photos from the year – select favourites for a 2014 album. Tweet This

3. Have each family member draw or write a memory from each month for a memory jar or album. Tweet This

4. Decorate a memory jar for 2015 – prep a jar, slips of paper and pencils. Collect written or drawn memories in 2015. Go through the memories at next year’s celebration. Tweet This

5. Make a new year’s shaker or noise maker – the good old toilet paper tube style. Tweet This

. Make 12 simple snacks or have sundaes with 12 topping options. Try our homemade banana ice cream! Some healthy toppings include fair trade chocolate, nuts, seeds, homemade chocolate sauce, fruit, shredded coconut, etc. Tweet This


. Make a piece of art with 12 different colours. Tweet This

. Read your 12 favourite stories and/or play 12 board games! Tweet This

kids playing wildcraft christmas

. Have 12 minute dance parties throughout the day, ending with one big dance party at midnight. Tweet This

. Make a list of 12 acts of kindness to do in 2015. Tweet This

. Make glitter play dough to use during the day. Use this recipe, adding your favourite colour and a bunch of glitter. Tweet This

. Hide 12 items or notes with activities for a scavenger hunt – small toys, crafts, or even special memories – photos, ticket stubs, or other artifacts from 2014. Tweet This


This New Year’s get out on a nature walk with your kids! Check out my e-book Wild Walks: Engaging Children in the Natural World for great tips on successful – and fun – nature walks.

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