Christmas Moments 2014

I hope that each of you had a wonderful holiday filled with peace, joy and love. That you’re surrounded with community. That you would experience what in German is called Gemütlichkeit, and in Swedish, Mysig. Wikipedia explains the first word as:

“A space or situation that is warm and cozy, that induces a cheerful mood and peace of mind, without need to hurry or worry…”

Our Christmas celebration really reflects this idea and I love our Slow Christmas traditions. The kids wake to mama-made PJ pants outside their doors, read a verse, and come down to open stockings. We make a waffle breakfast and then throughout the day open gifts until dinner time. Each of the gifts (four from us, and homemade gifts from one another) are savored for a while before we move on. The kids play mini sticks, read stories, and we just are together with no need to hurry or worry.

Tiny Peasant Christmas Morning LR Christmas Morning PJsTiny Peasant Christmas Gifts 2014Tiny Peasant Christmas Gifts 2 2014Brandon's Gift of Music Christmas 2014 Something to Read Christmas Breakfast 2014Christmas Breakfast 2014 2 Christmas Breakfast 2014 3   Christmas Boys Gifts      feather hair pins 2014 gift  opening gifts 2014 Tiny Peasant Christmas Triffle JarsTiny Peasant Christmas Egg NogTiny Peasant Christmas Egg Nog DownTiny Peasant Christmas Mysig



For great recipes and craft ideas to really honor the life of your Christmas tree, check out Repurposing Your Real Tree.

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  1. Love all these moments Kris! Thanks for sharing. I love B’s homemade hair-clips and the waffle meal! Is that homemade ice-cream in the cups? Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Maria! Yes, the hair-clips are super sweet. They were made and gifted by Cohen for Bre. I’m going to do a little post on the gifts they all made, because they each worked super hard on their projects. The jars have chocolate cake, whipped cream, and crushed candy canes. Pretty tasty!

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