Celebrating Easter Mindfully

Check out these articles for info on celebrating this fresh, life-giving season in an eco-conscious way: Natural Easter Basket Stuffers             Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs              Healthy Easter Paska                  

battle of the temperaments

If anyone else is stuck in the same boat I’m about to describe and has some tips, or even some snacks, please share! So, the solid side of the boat, the strong side, the side we really prefer to be on is made up of a super strong bond of brotherly love. On that side of the boat,… Continue reading battle of the temperaments

Maple Tapping with Kids

Most kids love the sticky, sweet Canadian goodness that is maple syrup. My kiddos certainly do. I always feel a little bad limiting their use of such a down to earth, delicious and nourishing natural food – and for some reason they never quite understood what all the fuss was about when we would say that it is pricey and… Continue reading Maple Tapping with Kids

six times around the sun

With this little guy being our baby, we’re feeling those sentiments of childhood going just too fast… we’ll miss those cute chubby cheeks and that sweet sanguine nature. He is our dreamer, climber, imagination rich, generous and sweet soul. For this birthday the thing he wanted most was a nurse outfit with a babe to care for.… Continue reading six times around the sun

mini snow people

If you’ve read any of my other articles over at EcoParent you’ll know that I am a huge proponent of kids spending time outdoors. Whether that means time in the backyard, the park down the street, a farm, or wildnerness area, I’m a true believer in the benefits – to kids and to our planet – of connecting with nature.… Continue reading mini snow people

lake love & lately…

We love our annual tradition of going to the family fest out at the lake and participating in the curling bonspiel. This year our team won (Mike, our 8 and 15 year olds and grandpa)! A very excited 8 year old put many of the adults to shame with his several on the button shots. The… Continue reading lake love & lately…


We’ve been thinking a lot about home lately as we learn about types of shelters and create models of those dwellings. And as we search for our future farm and grapple with the idea of leaving our home – the only place our littles have known. The other night I listened in as the younger boys… Continue reading shelter