Dressember :: Day 4

It’s a pinkish day today, which happens much less often for me than for my junior partner. We put her photo here in the body of the post so you’d get to see the whole outfit – including her thrifted knit wool dress and cardigan with a sweet crinoline flower.  Today, a little bit of… Continue reading Dressember :: Day 4

Advent Week 1 Activity :: Growing Crystals

A fun activity to learn about crystals as part of Advent Week 1 :: The Light of Stones and the whole Tiny Advent series. I love how this activity mirrors the anticipation of Advent. How the children carefully prepare, and then wait, and watch for transformation and beauty. Materials wide mouth canning jar string pipe cleaners (we… Continue reading Advent Week 1 Activity :: Growing Crystals

Dressember :: Day 3

Today another lady in our house decided to join in the campaign! She is going to do a photo a day as well, and help spread the word about this project with her grandparents and friends. A little bit about my dress today… it was made by the lovely and very talented Melanie Wesley. We… Continue reading Dressember :: Day 3

Dressember :: Day 2

Today I officially joined Dressember and have my own campaign page that you can donate to directly if you choose to. I love this campaign for the spirit of fun and togetherness – and the challenge for those who have a limited wardrobe to wear a dress each day for a month! A favourite project that… Continue reading Dressember :: Day 2

Dressember :: Day 1

Thanks to a friend from Winnipeg who is participating in this fundraiser, it came across my path in time for me to start right on December 1st. Dressember is a campaign that raises funds to help children and women who are exploited as victims of  slavery, sex trafficking and other forms of violence. Consider joining in… Continue reading Dressember :: Day 1