nurturing young artists: art supplies part one

  I’ve always been drawn to quality goods. Does anyone else inevitably pick out the most expensive item when shopping? At times that high price tag doesn’t actually equate to high quality, but our family has learned that investing in quality items is a good method of stewardship over the long haul. We can apply this… Continue reading nurturing young artists: art supplies part one

Games for Kids: Bug Balancing + Harvest Time

  Growing up, our family didn’t play a lot of games. There were adult games of dice and cards that the kids would listen in on, and eventually, as a sort of rite of passage, be granted a seat at the table for the first round or two before bedtime. I have now played more… Continue reading Games for Kids: Bug Balancing + Harvest Time

Espaliered Apples

  If you’re like me and you love things to look beautiful, you desire to grow your own food, and you live in the city, you just might fall in love with the centuries-old practice of espalier, which is training trees flat against a supporting structure. In the middle ages, espalier was used in castle courtyards where space… Continue reading Espaliered Apples

Nourishing Hot Cocoa

You can feel good about serving this rich and nourishing cocoa to both little ones and adults. Unlike store-bought versions, this recipe is free of refined sugars, oils, and additives. If you’re used to packaged cocoa, you may have to increase the sweetener content and then slowly work your way down. The cinnamon will increase… Continue reading Nourishing Hot Cocoa

Timing is Everything

We had a blast out at our friends’ farm this weekend – playing outside, planting some wheat grass for the chickens, playing games, a daddy dance party, cooking and eating, and sharing in a snowshoe adventure. What were we reminded of through this adventure? Timing is everything. We let the morning get away from us,… Continue reading Timing is Everything

Sling Shots, Oh My

When my boys were just infants and even toddlers, I may have sworn that we’d never get a slingshot. Well, as those same boys have grown, I’ve grown alongside them and my ideas about these things have changed, even if ever so slightly. As part of our homeschooling journey, we choose to let our kindergartener guide a… Continue reading Sling Shots, Oh My