Plant Spiced Cider

One of our favourite outings is a trip to our local garden centre, Sage Garden Herbs. It’s not just a garden centre. It’s really so much more. Evelyn and Dave grow organic herbs, flowers, shrubs and trees and have a beautiful gift shop full of treasures for gardeners, cooks, and kids. Our little ones love the… Continue reading Plant Spiced Cider

Heirloom Offerings :: Tea + Coffee Cake

This offering to Heirloom Offerings :: The Grandma Project was contributed by Stacy Fuller. Are you interested in sharing? Read our submission guidelines and get started. Something I remember about growing up were tea parties with my grandma.  I would have my half tea/half milk, plus lots of sugar, and we’d always have a yummy coffee cake to go with it…warm… Continue reading Heirloom Offerings :: Tea + Coffee Cake